Friday, August 29, 2008


Creative Collage Making Memories in Mixed Media by Marie Browning isn't a must have but it is certainly a nice gift to give a beginning collage artist. I have some friends that love to learn new techniques but they tell me they have no idea what to do with them after they have made them.
These are people that like to do something and have it have a purpose. I'm more of the make it for the experience, see if it works, maybe change it up a little, let it sit while I think on it and then who knows what will happen to it, kind of person.
But, I understand where these other people are coming from and when I teach a workshop I like to have a project in mind that they can do and feel like they have accomplished something.
She covers about 13 different collage projects that are quite suitable for giving as gifts. She has a chapter devoted to miniature collage jewelry. She has another chapter on altered art, photo collage and how to use beeswax and tissue paper in your collage.
Again, another book from Joann's Fabric store in the sewing and craft section. Considering how much information you do get in this book and the color photos it's not a bad price to pay $14.95 and use your coupon.

DOVER - Leonardo da Vinci

I'm a fan of Leonardo da Vinci. I've downloaded his sketches to use as background in a number of my collages. To have an entire book with all of them AND a full color CD included put me in art heaven.
There are 206 royalty-free designs in this book. Well worth the $19.95 price.


I was looking at all the new Dover books when I was in B&N the other day.
I picked up this one to bring home with me. I love the Art Nouveau period. This book by Judy Balchin and out of Search Press has a number of beautiful black outline designs that can be used for art work, embroidery, fiber projects or needlecraft.
I'm sure other creative people would find other uses for these drawings.


I've seen just about every technique there is for painting on paper. I've certainly tried most of them. I'm even going to be teaching a workshop at the local library, in December, on painted paper. So, why would I even need another book about it?
This book by Alisa Golden caught my attention, from the cover to the beautiful photos inside.
And, it is full of techniques with step by step instructions and the best part?
There are projects for making handmade books and cards. There is an origami envelope project, a circle accordion book, shikishi and holder, Venetian Blind book and I could go on and on.
She explains about different kinds of paints, gesso and stencils, acrylic inks, paste and masking.
I actually found this book at Joann's in the sewing section.
I used my 40% coupon to purchase it. That helped with the $24.95 sticker shock.


This is the kind of book that you really don't need to have but it's eye candy for inspiration.
It features a number of artists, Lesley Riley, KC Willis, Lisa Engelbrecht, Jill Haglund, Julie McCullough, Pamela Allen and more.
Lots of color photos and hidden in the text by the different artists are tips that might be of interest.
This might be a book to look at over a chai latte at Barnes and Noble, for those of you on a tight budget.