Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Collage Journeys by Jane Davies, A Practical guide to Creating Personal Artwork is wonderful eye candy and packed full of information.
From using found materials and everyday ephemera in your artwork to doodle collage, ATCs, the written journal, project ideas it just goes on and on.
142 pages of small print packed with things even an experienced art journal person might find interesting.
It's a find for my art library.

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Mary said...

Hi Bea! I have this book. I need to pull it out again. I love when I go back and look at a book I have had for awhile and discover it all over again. And most times because I am in different place now than when I purchased it I find it speaks to me on a different level.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, yes, my husband has a sweet smile - and he is as sweet!!!