Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday at the Library

It's quiet at the library on Friday mornings, no book clubs meeting or story hour. I enjoy Friday mornings at our new library. It still has the new construction smell. The reading room is beautiful, with plush comfortable chairs scattered around the room.
I spent time at the computer requesting a number of books whose names I had gotten from my Shalfari group. I was in luck when some titles were actually on the shelves and I could look at them this morning.
The first one I found and immediately sat down with was The Opposite of Fate by Amy Tan. This is a non-fiction book and it's a collection of musings on her life , fate, chance, freedom of expression and so on.
Only two chapters into the book I am really enjoying it. She writes about her life as simply and with the same humor, as she does her wonderful fiction.
Unless something changes drastically this is one book I would put on my bookshelf and recommend to others.