Friday, August 29, 2008


I've seen just about every technique there is for painting on paper. I've certainly tried most of them. I'm even going to be teaching a workshop at the local library, in December, on painted paper. So, why would I even need another book about it?
This book by Alisa Golden caught my attention, from the cover to the beautiful photos inside.
And, it is full of techniques with step by step instructions and the best part?
There are projects for making handmade books and cards. There is an origami envelope project, a circle accordion book, shikishi and holder, Venetian Blind book and I could go on and on.
She explains about different kinds of paints, gesso and stencils, acrylic inks, paste and masking.
I actually found this book at Joann's in the sewing section.
I used my 40% coupon to purchase it. That helped with the $24.95 sticker shock.

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