Monday, January 7, 2008

Blended Quilt Backgrounds

I've been catching up on some recent additions to my quilting book library. This book, Blended Quilt Backgrounds arrived before my vacation so I didn't have time to really study it. Written by Jean Biddick and published by the American Quilter's Society it offers 10 different quilt projects. At first I didn't think they were particularly interesting until I realized that I just didn't like the color selection they had used. I think one of the other reasons I had selected this book was because it said Create Secondary patterns under the title. I just didn't really see the secondary patterns in the projects that were selected.
I will hang on to the book until my Internet buddies arrive for Quilt Camp. If it speaks to one of them it can go home with them, otherwise, I'll probably donate this one to my local library.
It just didn't knock my socks off, folks.

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