Saturday, March 1, 2008

Creating Texture with Textiles

Creating Texture with Textiles by Linda McGehee is worth buying a cuppa at the bookstore and taking the time to really go through the book. She discusses the different sewing machine feet available and explains the different techniques and ways in which you might use these feet. The detailed color photos are extremely helpful for those of us who might actually have the feet that came with our machines and have never used. She has a in depth chapter on different needles, close up pictures of them and explains the different situations that we should be using all these different sizes of needles. She discusses crinkling of fabric, how to achieve that look, how to dye and bleach fabric and impregnate the fabric with color, stain and tint. Again, the photos for these chapters are extremely helpful in understanding what she is talking about.
There is a chapter on decorative stitching. She discusses threads, bobbin threads, when to use a certain stitch and how to actually and when to use the double needle.
If you are good friends with your sewing machine and you've done a lot of embellishments you might find some of this information old hat. For most people just venturing into this new technique field this is an extremely helpful book. I've only covered a portion of the chapters, there are many more on creating different textures with your fabric.

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