Monday, March 9, 2009

Acrylic Revolution

By, Nancy Reyner. Most of us who have worked with acrylics know a lot about techniques. I would say from glancing over at my bookshelf that I really don't need another book about it.
That said, I'm glad I own this one. Clear instructions, good photographs, some new information, for me.
She covers painting on anything, painting WITH anything, surface treatments, spatial effects, texture, transfers, collage and mixed media, innovative stenciling and line work, how to customize your paint, simulating other medium (this one was new for me), magical effects and finishing sheen's and then the basic clean up and care of your art supplies.
I have to say the one thing that made me smile and was a great reminder was just a little tip box on page 11 about keeping your acrylic containers from getting stuck and difficult to open by putting a thin coat of petroleum jelly around the top outside edge of the jar or plastic wrap between the jar top and lid.
Since I had a rough time opening a jar of medium that I brought back from Florida I wish I had remembered this tip.

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