Monday, March 9, 2009

The Big Ass Book of Crafts

I love the cover. I love the title. Thank you Mark Montano for making me smile.
A good friend of his told him, while he was working on this book, to make sure that the crafts were "home worthy".
These aren't projects that involve painting chickens on ceramic pitchers. If you go through the book you will probably find at least one thing that reflects who you are and your personality. And that's what he felt she meant when she said home worthy.
These are wonderful ideas for making gifts for family members and frankly with the times the way they are a home made gift is a nice thing to give.
The directions are clear and very easy to do. I'm looking at a couple of interesting chapters that I might do with my granddaughter when she's here in August.
I am getting some ideas for taking his suggestions and giving them my own twist. It's a fun and big thick book to own.

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