Friday, December 14, 2007

American Quilter Techniques/Ideas/Lifestyle

If you haven't seen the latest, January 2008, copy of this magazine it's time for you to take yourself to your big bookstore, pick up a copy, order a nice cuppa and just give it a look. It's the official magazine of the American Quilter's Society. Lots of interesting articles in this edition.
There is an interesting little article in it that would make a really neat gift for a fellow quilter.
It's called Mousepad Makeover. I seldom use a mousepad at home but when I travel I keep one in my case with my laptop.

Here's the directions from the Reader Quilt Tip section, from Rachel Wetzler of St. Charles, IL.
1. Select a quilting-weight fabric that is dark enough to cover the mousepad without any show through of the original design.Batiks or other finely woven fabrics work well. Cut the fabric about an inch larger all around than your mousepad.
2. Cut a piece of fusible web, like Wonderunder, slightly smaller than the fabric and fuse the web to the wrong side of the fabric, following fusible product instructions.
3. Remove the paper backing from the fused fabric and position the fabric on top of the mousepad. Press, following the fusible product instructions.
4. To enhance the glide of the mouse roller ball on your mousepad, apply a coat of spray starch to the top of the pad. Press, moving the iron lightly across the fabric until the starch is completely absorbed and dry.
5. Working from the backside of the pad for best visibility, trim the excess fabric with sharp scissors. Place the scissor blades parallel to the edge of the pad, using the thickness of the pad as a cutting guide.

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