Thursday, December 13, 2007

I send books out and more arrive!

I've been clearing my studio shelves of books that I no longer need. I've been dropping them off at my local library. They seem to be very happy to be receiving these books so I know they are going to a good home. An interesting thing has been happening. I drop off about a dozen books and come home to find a new book in my mailbox. It's happened three times. I guess the Muse approves. Of course, approves too. I've found that buying Used Books is such a good deal. I check my local Half Price Store first to see if they have the book and if not I order it on line. I've received mint condition books from some wonderful suppliers.

The newest book to arrive was WATERCOLOR PAINTING FROM PHOTOGRAPHS by Ron Ranson. I've been taking some interesting sunset pictures for the past two months. What I would like to learn is how to paint them on fabric or combine a hand painted watercolor painting within a fabric landscape.
I also want to do some sky fabric painting this summer. So, I am really enjoying this book. He covers skies, trees and woodlands, water, flowers, figures in the landscape, buildings and how to do the four different seasons.

The second book that has me smiling is CREATING TEXTURES IN WATERCOLOR by Cathy Johnson. I have also been taking a series of texture photos. I'm sure some people have driven by me shaking their heads as this older middle age, traditionally built woman, hunkers down next to a rock formation or woodpile to take a picture.
I've even volunteered to ride along in the golf cart while hubby golfs so I can jump out and take close up pictures of bark, weeds, flowers, etc. He likes the company and all it requires of me is to comment occasionally on what a good shot he just made.
This book covers water textures, foliage, tree bark, earth, pebbles, sand, rocks, weeds, weathered wood, lichen and moss, flowers, fruits and vegetables, fur, hair, skin tones and textures, glass and metal and finally my favorite, rust.
I'm also finding this book interesting for adding texture to my fiber pieces. There are many interesting stitches on my sewing machine that I can use that mimic some of these different techniques.

The third book is INNOVATIVE FABRIC IMAGERY FOR QUILTS by Cyndy Lyle Rymer and Lynn Koolish. I absolutely want to incorporate more fabric imagery into my art quilts. I haven't been happy with what I have done so far. At first I was quick to blame my printer but after reading this book and how to really use my printer I see I have a lot to learn.
Who knew that even spraying your printed images would improve the colorfastness. I certainly didn't. There are three different techniques listed. One to spray with with a fabric protector such as Scotchgard. This will make the fabric slightly stiffer but the image will be protected.
The second is to spray with a Krylon acrylic spray. And the third is to make your own mixture.
Gloria Hansen suggests that you mix three parts water to one part white glue to make a protective coating for photos on fabric. You can soak the image in a flat tray filled with the mixture, brush it on, or use a spray bottle to spray it on. You only need a thin coating.

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