Friday, December 14, 2007

Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting

I really, really dislike magazines encased in plastic, on the bookstore shelves. I can understand if you are having it delivered but in the bookstore I want to look at it. So, I had to bring this one home with me. There is an interesting article on making a fabric clock. I actually bought a big ugly old clock, on sale, at Target, last year. I was going to art up the face of it. I still may do that but I'm liking the idea of doing a quilted wall clock. It might be fun to combine photo fabric pictures of the grandkids into the quilting. Something to think about. It's only 12"x12" so that's very doable. Might make a nice gift too for somebody. Certainly different.
There is also a nice article on making scrapbook covers. You can certainly adapt that for journal covers, book covers, etc. I know I love the quilted paperback book cover that somebody gave me years ago. When I travel I don't particularly want people knowing what I am reading.
Of course, somebody in publishing decided to change the size of paperbacks and now some of the newer ones are too big for my cover. Also to big for my bookshelf.

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