Thursday, December 13, 2007

More interesting books that have arrived!

Well, I fell in love with this one, THE PAINTED QUILT by Linda and Laura Kemshall. It's the book that got me thinking about doing the first in my Storyteller series. They do some really interesting painting on quilted fabric. I may actually use this as a technique lesson book and work on a number of different projects.
I know there are some wonderful teachers and classes out there that I could attend. It's the thought of paying for something that I probably already have a book about, packing, driving, flying, lodging, etc. that puts me off. I enjoy working in my own surroundings and making my own mistakes.

Another wonderful book is ALTERED PHOTO ARTISTRY by Beth Wheeler and Lori Marquette.I am a novice at photo editing. I would like to learn more and it looks like this is the perfect book to walk me through some basic lessons. The book includes a CD in the back of the book called OEM 3817 PS ELEMENTS Trial which is apparently something to do with Adobe Systems. Since I haven't loaded it in my computer I can't really say anything about it.

The book and CD come from C & T Publishing.

And, yet another book, FABRIC ETCHING by Iris Lee has arrived in my mailbox. This is about another technique that fascinates me, fiber etching. Fiber etch is a fabric remover, gel, which creates decorative effects by removing fabric or fibers within a painted or embroidered area.
I'm not quite sure if I can purchase this product in my local craft store but it can be bought, online at

And, last but not least is the UNIQUELY FELT book by Christine White. Here's another book to help me work with another technique, felting. I have a felting machine. sigh I got it at a close out sale. It was the demo model and I got a really good deal on it. Sadly, to say I haven't had the time to work with it. I'm thinking that those cold winter months of February and March are a good time to experiment with this book and my machine.

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